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Adnate IT Solutions – Elevating Businesses with OpenText Solutions in the Horizontal Domain.

Welcome to Adnate IT Solutions, your strategic partner in delivering cutting-edge OpenText solutions across diverse business functions. Explore our comprehensive suite of services tailored for the horizontal sector, including vendor portals, customer portals, auction portals, incident management, idea generation, travel and expense management, pricing automation, budgeting automation, approval workflows, PR to PO, dashboards, monitoring and alert frameworks, service integration, and proficiency in SAP, SuccessFactors, ERP, Salesforce, HRMS.

Vendor Portals

Enhance collaboration and transparency with robust vendor portals. Our OpenText solutions empower businesses to streamline communication, procurement, and relationship management with vendors.

Customer Portals

Deliver exceptional customer experiences through customized customer portals. Utilize our OpenText solutions to build secure, user-friendly interfaces that foster engagement and satisfaction.

Auction Portal

Revolutionize your auction processes with our specialized OpenText solutions. Drive efficiency and transparency in auction-based transactions, ensuring optimal outcomes.

Incident Management

Navigate incidents seamlessly with our OpenText incident management solutions. Prioritize, track, and resolve incidents promptly to minimize disruptions and enhance operational resilience.

Idea Generation

Cultivate a culture of innovation with OpenText solutions for idea generation. Facilitate collaboration and harness the collective creativity of your team to drive continuous improvement.

Travel and Expense Management

Optimize your financial processes with our OpenText solutions for travel and expense management. Streamline approvals, enhance compliance, and gain better control over expenditures.

Pricing Automation

Stay competitive in the market with pricing automation through OpenText solutions. Efficiently manage pricing strategies, promotions, and updates to respond swiftly to market dynamics.

Budgeting Automation

Empower your organization with budgeting automation through OpenText solutions. Ensure accuracy, transparency, and accountability in the budgeting process.

Approval Workflows

Enhance operational efficiency with customized approval workflows. Our OpenText solutions enable seamless automation of approval processes tailored to your business requirements.

PR to PO

Optimize procurement processes with OpenText solutions for seamless PR to PO workflows. Streamline purchasing, reduce errors, and improve procurement cycle times.


Harness the power of data visualization with interactive dashboards. Our OpenText solutions provide real-time insights, facilitating informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Monitoring and Alert Frameworks

Proactively manage your business with monitoring and alert frameworks. Leverage OpenText solutions to establish robust systems for continuous monitoring and timely alerts.

Service Integration

Integrate and optimize business services with our OpenText solutions. Achieve seamless interoperability between systems, applications, and processes for enhanced efficiency.

SAP, SuccessFactors, ERP, Salesforce, HRMS

Maximize the potential of SAP, SuccessFactors, ERP, Salesforce, and HRMS with our OpenText expertise. Ensure seamless integration and utilization of these platforms for comprehensive business success.

Partner with Adnate IT Solutions to embark on a transformative journey with OpenText solutions tailored for the horizontal domain. Elevate your business processes, enhance collaboration, and drive success across diverse functions.