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Our Directors

Ankit Mehta


Gaurav Gupta


Ankit Bansal


Our Leadership team

We are a dynamic and youthful group of professionals, united by a shared passion for technology. Our team is distinguished by a unique fusion of domain expertise and technical proficiency. We boast a diverse skill set that includes Architects, BPM/ECM consultants, integration and UI experts, as well as a dedicated testing team. This comprehensive lineup ensures that we cover all aspects of the IT project lifecycle.

Dhananjay Belhekar

Lead Consultant

Priyanka Rawat

Lead Consultant

Ganesh Dhanawde

Solution Architect

Preeti Agrawal

Technical Architect

Prajakta Sarwottam

Project Manager

Risha Sharma

Human Resources Executive

Prashant Singh

Vice President - BD

Sangamesh Kishore

Lead Consultant

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